My Experiences in China

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Or... I can set you up your OWN online store, and you can sell the jackets yourself! Yes... it IS just that easy!!!


Our Cashmere Jackets will no doubt leave the man in your life feeling a little let down. No one likes to be told repeatedly, "It's the best I've ever had!!" (when they're not talking about YOU, that is). But-- rest assured, even if he's a little dejected, there'll still be lots of heavy petting... no man (or woman) can resist copping a feel when it feels THIS good. Nothing but the finest when you roll with Jody Lane!!

My Love Affair with Cashmere

Cashmere Girls

Friends don't let friends puke in cashmere, so I'd recommend that on those nights when you know it's going to get ugly, leave the winter white version of our amazing jacket at home (or travel with friends who will save the jacket BEFORE saving your sorry ass, like I did).


I'm ALL about the cashmere, and during my international travels I've found some of the most amazing pashminas - at killer deals. And... as I learned in Paris... it's not just what you wear... it's HOW you wear it (click here to visit the "Going to Paris?" section to learn how to tie YOUR pashmina the Parisian way).